What you want to play today?
We have games for all tastes: whether you're a handyman as if you're into outdoor activities. Tell us what you want to play today and let the fun begin!
Many ideas to download, cut out and paint
If you like crafts, here you'll find lots of ideas for cutting and coloring. Prepare your scissors, glue stick and learn to make your own toys. Invite your friends, the more you play the more you have fun.

You can not resist our cutouts .
Homes and vehicles for download as many times as you like. Run your own mini - FeberCity !
You are not yet an enrollment as cars and notos of the elderly?
Have fun with these family games
There are not better playmates than our parents and brothers. With the Febers spirit (play, have fun, laugh) we can devise new games to have a great time at home, in the car or the park.

Today are you pouring ? Is it too hot or cold catarrh insurance ago ? Let's not panic!
Do you you are going on vacation? Do you have caught a jam that seems endless ? Relax, it's not so awful
The spirit Feber ( play, jump , laugh, play ) can live anywhere . Here you have these ideas.